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Not a drop to drink

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) –┬ápartnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems
03 January 2010

Source: Property24.com

Durban. Photo by SnowySmith

South Africa is a water-scarce region and every single drop we have needs to be used carefully and wisely. And yet, wherever you look, the water infrastructure is being destroyed, damaged and undermined. Groundwater resources are polluted, rivers and entire ecological systems are dying and we in Africa press on regardless.

Government and the private sector must, in the coming years, work relentlessly on resolving the water crisis that is staring South Africa squarely in the face. Our scientists and academics such as Dr Anthony Turton must guide us and the government and private sector must invest in water protection programmes to keep us all alive. With poisoned water we die.

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