The use of Rainwater in the Home

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03 January 2010

Harvested rainwater should be used for more than just garden irrigation. A true Rainwater Harvesting system augments the supply delivered by the local municipality and in so doing a household makes primary use of the collected rainwater.

Only when the water in the rainwater tank is drawn down does municipal supply automatically kick in. After the rainwater is used in the home the resultant grey water can then be used for garden irrigation, and in this way the harvested rainwater is used more efficiently.

Rainwater Harvesting

The size of the tank required is dependant on factors such as the number of occupants in the home, the size of roof and the local rainfall pattern. Installing a large tank of 10000 litres when a smaller tank of 2500 litres would do is simply cost inefficient. Conversely, installing a tank that is too small can be very frustrating and wasteful when all that water spills from the overflow.

When contemplating a rainwater harvesting system it is imperative that a professional is consulted and attends to the installation. In this way you are ensured of conformity to your local municipality regulations.

A further benefit derived from a professionally installed system is the emergency supply that is available at all times in the event of any water outage or water cuts.

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