Nelson Mandela Bay: Water Critical

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems
15 January 2010

Even though some rain feel over the Nelson Mandela Bay metro on Thursday, providing some relief to residents, no rain fell in the catchment areas. The municipality has advised that the situation remains critical and has called upon residents to step up efforts and remain committed water conservation.

Current water restrictions, introduced in October 2009, are still effective; and with the high water consumption over November and December the dams have dropped to an alarming 45%. If no significant rainfall occurs over the catchment areas the water reserves will be depleted in 10 months time.

Should the dam levels fall to below 35% a new increased tariff could be introduced, and consumers would be limited to 500 litres per day, although the revised tariff could be introduced earlier considering the dire situation.

Leaks can be reported to the toll-free number 0800 205050 or by emailing

Current water tariff, introduced in November 2009
Residential Up to 0,4 kl/d R  5,29
Next 0,6 kl/d R  9,53
Next 1 kl/d R 11,92
Additional consumption R 14,88
Commercial R  7,57
Industrial R  6,89

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