Water Woes for Nelson Mandela Bay

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) –┬ápartnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems
26 January 2010

No substantial rainfall can be expected in drought stricken Nelson Mandela Bay before September.

Water and sanitation director Barry Martin warned that the water supply would run out in October and in some areas by July.

Churchill Dam is only 22.8% full

In light of worsening water woes tough new water restrictions will be introduced from 01 February. Each household in Nelson Mandela Bay will be restricted to 500 litres per day at the normal tariff of R5.80, with water consumption above this charged at R14.91. The existing stepped tariff with fall away. The watering of plants by any means using municipal water will be prohibited, as will the filling of pools.

Target reductions will be 20% for domestic consumers and 25% for commercial and industrial.

Consideration is being given to declaring the city a disaster area.

Source: Weekend Post

2 thoughts on “Water Woes for Nelson Mandela Bay

  1. Hi Naomi, you don’t say where you are from (which region) but I guess the PE area?
    I am not sure who you would contact to make application for any concession but you could start with the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality water section on 041 506 2258. We can help you with water conservation though, and our interventions could save you on monthly water bills. let me know which area you are and I could arrange for a dealer to come out and quote.
    Regards, Jon

  2. Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can apply for the water restriction form for more than a certain amount of people in the household? As we are 10 people in our household using water facilities! I am running a creche and a boarding house from home, there are 10 kids during the day and our household consists of 10 people. We now use 35 kl per month which is NOT much for 10 people plus 2 businesses and we are busy working on installing another shower instead of a bath! I feel it to be very unfair that we will have to pay astronomical amounts each month on water usage fines!

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