Vaal flood gates to be opened

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) –┬ápartnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems
27 January 2010

The flood gates on the Vaal dam will be opened because of the ongoing rainfall and will lead to higher water levels along the Vaal river on Wednesday, Gauteng police warned.

Vaal Dam is located some 56 km south of Johannesburg

“Because of ongoing rainfall that impacts on the Vaal river water system, it has become a necessity for the relevant authorities to start with a co-ordinated opening of floodgates of the Vaal dam,” Superintendent Eugene Opperman said.

“This will bring about a significant rise in water levels along the Vaal river between the Vaal and Bloemhof dams.

“Authorities request that no water craft of any nature should be operated on the stretch of river between [those] dams until further notice…

“It will also be rather dangerous for people to go too near to the river’s embankments during this time.”

He said boat owners who keep their crafts in sheds along this stretch of river should check on their boats as they could be damaged by the higher water level.

Source: SA Weather and Disater Information Service

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