Excessive e.coli count in drinking water

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 17 February 2010

Water in Hartbeespoort area has an excessively high E.coli count, so says an independent national laboratory.

E.coli bacteria

Nvirotek Laboratory Managing Director Daleen Hattingh said they received a water sample from a resident from Ifafi in Hartebeespoort. “The sample was taken in the correct manner and we started the incubation process on Monday morning,” said Hattingh. “What we usually test on water for human consumption is the E.coli count,” she said.

The test showed that E.coli was present in the water. “There should be none detected in drinking water,” she added. Hattingh said the only thing that could be done to the water would be to dilute it.

Residents are up in arms over the poor state of water in the area and other parts of the North West province. The water has a yellowish-brown colour, smells foul and is unusable for anything, leaving the residents with no option but to buy water.

The Madibeng local municipality said it was working on the problem.

Source: jacaranda fm
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