Using water saving devices makes difference

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 18 February 2010

As the Eastern Cape and South Africa race towards another utilities crisis it seems history is repeating itself. As was the case with the electricity crisis, there are no proactive strategies in place.

By fitting the unique Multi Flush huge water savings can be made

It seems those in charge would rather wait till there is no water. If everybody made an effort to conserve water, the total savings that can be achieved are staggering.

We have seen this on a small scale with our Mint Cafe Bars.

We have installed waterless urinals. The estimated savings from these alone is 150 kilolitres per year per urinal.

We installed a variable flush system, which research has shown saved 70% of the flush water at the University of Cape Town. Such systems are mandatory in similarly dry countries such as Australia.

From the above you can see what can be achieved if the effort is put in. – Newton Granville, Port Elizabeth – Source: The Weekend Post

The ‘variable flush system’ flush system mentioned in this article is the unique Multi-Flush offered by Water Rhapsody Conservation Systemsread more
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