Sewage flows in streets

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 02 April 2010

A new warning has been issued to the public not to swim or fish in the Swartkops River as the water quality has deteriorated further.

Swartkops River Mouth. Photo by Graham Hobbs.

Last month, the 2010 Redhouse River Mile had to be moved from the Swartkops River to Cannonville on the Sundays River due to dangerously high levels of pollution.

Jenny Rump of the Zwartkops Trust said yesterday that effluent had been flowing into the river for days because broken sewerage pipes had not been repaired. “The trust has received complaints from the residents of Aloes and Wells Estate that sewage has been running past their houses.

“It has been flowing in their streets for days now,” added Rump, The Herald General Motors Citizen of the Year. “This is dangerous for the people’s health. They have to live with the sewage smell for days,” she said.

Rump said the Swartkops River, popular among swimmers and anglers, attracted a lot of visitors over the Easter weekend. Some of the stormwater drains that run through Wells Estate, which borders the sea, were broken, Rump added.

The deluge of litter that comes from the drains also joins the Swartkops River, causing two types of pollution.

“Sewage sometimes also bubbles onto the streets of Motherwell, apparently from collector stations where pumps have broken down, and then finds its way via the stormwater drains into the river,” she said.

Municipal spokesman Kupido Baron could not comment last night on the latest pollution development at the Swartkops River. “All I know is that we have been working on the issue since the time the River Mile event scheduled to take place there had to move.

“I know there is a strategy in place, and we have weekly testing of the bacteria level at the river,” he added without disclosing the nature of the plan.

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