Cape Town water and sanitation tariff 2010 to 2011

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 02 June 2010

Irrigation water is billed again as sanitation at 70% of water consumption

[click here to see tariff for 2011 – 2012]

The City of Cape Town water and sanitation tariff was approved by Council on 25 May 2010.

As with previous years, the domestic single residential sanitation tariff remains linked to the water tariff at a rate of 70% of water consumption (70% of 50kl = 35kl). This means that notwithstanding the volume of water that is used for garden irrigation, viz. water that is not sent to sewerage treatment, a charge is levied based on 70% of water consumption. (See notes below for domestic cluster** and industrial* / commercial* sanitation rates).

Domestic Tariff (single residential)

Water Tariff

From To Rand per kl Incl VAT
>   0.0 6.0 R   0.00 R   0.00
>   6.0 10.5 R   3.99 R   4.55
> 10.5 20.0 R   8.51 R   9.70
> 20.0 35.0 R 12.61 R 14.38
> 35.0 50.0 R 15.58 R 17.76
> 50.0 R 20.55 R 23.43

Sanitation Tariff (at 70% of water consumption)

From To Rand per kl Incl VAT
> 0.00 4.20 R  0.00 R  0.00
> 4.20 7.35 R  4.67 R  5.32
> 7.35 14.00 R  9.94 R11.33
> 14.00 24.50 R10.87 R12.39
> 24.50 35.00 R11.41 R13.01

Other Tariff (excl Vat)

Water Sanitation
Commercial R9.18 R7.05*
Industrial R9.18 R7.05*
Schools R8.11 R7.05*
Flats / Cluster R8.62*** R9.65**


*** Water: Includes bulk metered flats, cluster developments (single and sectional title). A 6kl allowance per unit per month upon submission of an affidavit stating the number of units.
** Sanitation – domestic cluster: Tariff at 90% of water consumption. A 4.20kl allowance per unit per month upon submission of an affidavit stating the number of units.
* Sanitation – industrial, commercial and schools: Tariff at 95% of water consumption.

10 thoughts on “Cape Town water and sanitation tariff 2010 to 2011

  1. Hi Roberta, difficult to answer without seeing your account.
    If you email me a copy I will have a look.
    Regards, Jon

  2. Hi Rian, we are dealing with the tariff year 2011 to 2012. In this year there are 366 days (Feb 2012 has 29 days).
    You are entitled to 6kl free per month – therefore: 6 kl x 12 m = 72 kl. Divide this 72 kl by 366 days and multiply by the number of days the municipal covers, e.g. 30 or 32 or 29.
    This should tally with your figures above.
    Regards, Jon

  3. Jon,

    I hope you can help with calculation of the ‘free’ component of water.

    As per the City’s information the first 6kl is free. My question is how is the 6 kl calculated? Is it per month, if so how many days in the month; is it 6 kl/month x 12 month divided by 365 days per year, or what?

    I have tried various calculations, and cannot get to the COCT’s calculation. From our Municipal accounts the following volumes have been invoiced as the free component:
    5,7210 kl for a 29 day period = 0,19727 kl per day
    5,9020 kl for a 30 day period = 0,1967333 kl per day.
    6,2950 kl for a 32 day period = 0,19671875 kl per day
    6,6890 kl for a 34 day period = 0,19673529 kl per day
    6,1150 kl for a 31 day period = 0,19725 kl per day.



  4. I received a wateraccount oct-nov of R399 for a water consumption of 25kl . understanding the tariff jun this year 2011 by account came to R86.00 for 27kl why the big increase in tariff which is crazy

  5. I’m trying to pay more attention to my ever increasing water account.
    My accounts shows a free portion – thats OK.
    It shows then a portion at a rate of R4.3200/kl and a next higher rate of R9,2200/kl.
    No where on internet I can get to rates like that – they are all different.
    Please where do I get the correct tariff information as it is now (November 2011)

  6. Hi William, you haven’t sent the actual account so it’s difficult to reconcile… but you are only entitled to the free allowance if the necessary affidavit has been submitted and accepted.

  7. I live on a residential wine estate in Somerset West. There is evidently one main water connection from the Municipality, so we receive one account which is then divided proportionately between the homeowners and the estate. Each home has it’s own meter.
    I am having difficulty reconciling my account with the “free” allowance. My April water bill reads as follows:-
    Current Reading – 468.10
    Previous Reading – 446.7
    Water Use 21.4kl x R7.12 = R152.37
    Sewerage @90% of water 19.26kl x R9.10 = R175.27
    I cannot figure out the tariff used or where the allowance is calculated. Can you assist?

  8. The meter referred to is your water meter normally located outside your property boundary wall. Sewerage is a factor of water usage; approximately 70% of water used is attributed to sewerage – rightly or wrongly. The “actual” referred to is water.

  9. The account we receive from City of Cape Town refers to Sewerage (Actual Reading)
    We are two people and water our garden regularly. Please advise where the meter is?

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