Are we facing a water shortage?

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 13 July 2010

Many people believe that the electricity crisis will pale into insignificance relative to the water shortage that will hit the country – and particularly the Western Cape – in the coming years and decades.

Continued urban densification will provide water supply and financial challenges.

Against this background, concerned Cape Town citizens are naturally anxious about the City’s continued densification programme, expansion of the urban edge and construction of water-consuming developments.

For its part, the Department of Water Affairs’ “Western Cape Water Reconciliation Strategy” newsletter notes as follows:

“In the past, various interventions were implemented to curb the volume of water required by the people in Cape Town. Droughts, water restrictions etc. all played a role in reducing water demand since the year 2000. This meant that Cape Town would still be able to rely on its existing water resources for quite some years.

“In March 2010, during a meeting of the Strategy Steering Committee (SSC) representing all role-players involved in water-related aspects in and around Cape Town, it became clear that the City of Cape Town may NOT able to meet the required decrease in water required.

“Although the reasons for this are being investigated at the moment, there is a concern about the City’s water requirements which are following the high water requirement curve. Should this growth continue, the decision on which augmentation intervention to implement will have to be made in September 2012. Possible water supply options may need to be fast-tracked, providing challenges to planners and financial implications to water users.”

Source: RAHB
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