MTN to migrate to cleaner sources of energy

Posted by: Yes Solar Cape (Cape Town, South Africa) – 12 August 2010

MTN is spending R22m to reduce carbon emissions at its headquarters by building a power plant fuelled by methane gas.

The “tri-generation” plant will produce 2MW of electricity and use an estimated 800 kilowatts of waste heat to air-condition the company’s buildings in SA, MTN said. MTN is applying to earn carbon credits from the project from the United Nation’s CDM programme.

MTN says it wants to migrate to alternative, cleaner sources of energy to “address environmental and commercial costs over the longer term.”

The company is currently looking at using solar, wind and hydrogen fuel cells to power its base transceiver stations in several African countries including Sudan, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Swaziland.

Generating its own energy also protects MTN from an unreliable electricity supply enabling it to roll out its services to areas off the grid, the firm said.

Source: Money Web

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