Amathole drought plan

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 01 November 2010

The Amathole District Municipality (ADM) has ratified the executive mayor’s approval of R78.55 million from their reserves for drought relief.

Carting water to drought affected areas is not sustainable. Photo by: Theo Jeptha

ADM’s Executive Mayor Sakhumzi Somyo said that an aggressive plan would be implemented soon to assist communities, and also that the drought was worsening.

The ADM plan includes:

  • Ongoing publicity campaigns about the drought and conserving water;
  • Undertak ing groundwater investigations in affected areas;
  • If groundwater investigation is successful, equip boreholes;
  • If groundwater investigation is not successful or only partially successful, supplement with desalination in coastal areas;
  • In inland areas, where groundwater is not an option, other surface water supplies should be investigated;
  • Water re-use should be considered as an immediate quick-win solution in all drought affected areas with waste water treatment works;
  • Water conservation and demand management initiatives should be implemented in all areas. This is to include ensuring all consumers are metered; zone meters had been installed in billing areas;
  • A water management information system will be installed;
  • Scooping or cleaning some of the empty dams, where this is feasible.

Gail Pullen, spokesperson for ADM, said the funding would be spent in the current financial year ending in June 2011. She said a mobile desalination plant in Chintsa would come on tap by December, which would help improve water supply to the area.

“In Cathcart we have equipped three boreholes and may have to tank in water from Kei Road if necessary. “We will also be exploring water re-use options in Cathcart and conducting groundwater investigations,” she said.

Water re-use options in Butterworth, Dutywa, Bedford and Adelaide would also be looked at. “In Hogsback we have been approached to scoop out the gravel in the dam, and we have agreed to this proposal. The dam wall is currently being repaired.

“W e are doing all we can to ensure that our communities have at least a basic supply of water.”

Drought conditions in ADM are worsening by the day and carting water to drought affected areas is not sustainable.

Source: Dispatch

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