Go green with a Poolside Tank

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – 29 December 2010

Owning a swimming pool means having to waste up to 500 litres of backwash water per week on cleaning the filtration system.

Aquarista Poolside Tank clarifies backwash water for safe returning to the pool.

Not any more! Aquarista offers an affordable solution that clarifies backwash water and returns the water safely to the pool.

Backwash water from the pool contains toxic chemicals that are environmentally most unfriendly. This water is either wasted to storm water, ending up in rivers and estuaries, or is wasted to the sewer placing unnecessary pressure on waste-water treatment plants, which are already over-burdened leading to the overflow of excess sewer water also to rivers and estuaries.

In both scenarios the backwash water causes ecological damage, and because this water must be replenished in the pool, is a waste of drinking water.

By installing a Poolside Tank backwash water is sent to a holding tank where it is treated through the introduction of a very small amount (one to two capfuls) of flocculent.

In a few hours the dirty backwash water is clarified, and completely safe to return to the pool. Now you can backwash as often as you like and not waste drinking water.

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