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Water Rhapsody launches the Poseidon Range

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 11 February 2011

The Water Rhapsody product range has been enhanced with the inclusion of its Poseidon range to meet the needs of its increasing customer base, both industrial and residential.

Poseidon Product Range
1.      Poseidon Advantage – Close to 100% of mild industrial water can now be recycled for re-use.
2.      Poseidon 1500 – A smaller version of the Poseidon Advantage that uses recycled water for irrigation purposes.

Application of the Poseidon
The Poseidon range belongs to the Water Rhapsody family of water conservation systems. Specifically, the Poseidon has its use in light industrial applications, for example;

  • Car Wash
  • Machinery washing
  • Washing of food crates for retail distribution
  • Industrial and commercial laundries.

The Poseidon returns 99% of water for re-use in its’ own application. Every application is slightly different and Water Rhapsody advises on each new system to cater for each customer’s different needs.

Optional extras include ultra violet and ozone purification. Where there is a need for a specialized purification function, such as ultra filtration and reverse osmosis, Water Rhapsody outsources to specific partners.

This new Water Rhapsody development is a very safe way of recycling grey water. The process makes use of a trap to separate sand and non-emulsified oil and grease from the grey water, which then proceeds through the system where the food content of the grey water is digested, or scientifically, the biological oxygen demand is removed.

The Poseidon Advantage then strips the water of the suspended solids as well as some of the dissolved solids. In this stripping process the water is clarified and is ready for re-use in most applications. The need to sterilize the water is an added option depending on the application.

The Poseidon 1500 does not strip the water of the valuable dissolved solids found in grey water and thus the water is not clarified. This water is however excellent quality for irrigation purposes.

Any further details required please contact your nearest Water Rhapsody Franchisee.

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