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Cape Town water and sanitation tariff 2011 to 2012

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 29 March 2011

Irrigating with grey water

As with previous years, the domestic single residential sanitation tariff remains linked to the water tariff at a rate of 70% of water consumption (70% of 50kl = 35kl). This means that notwithstanding the volume of water that is used for garden irrigation, viz. water that is not sent to sewerage treatment, a charge is levied based on 70% of water consumption.

The new tariff is effective from 01 July 2011.

Should you have any queries regarding how to reduce your consumption of water and concomitant sewerage, please give us a call. Water Rhapsody will reduce your consumption by up to 90%, without a change in lifestyle.

Domestic Tariff (single residential)

Water Tariff

From To Rand per kl Incl VAT
> 0.0 6.0 R   0.00 R   0.00
> 6.0 10.5 R   4.32 R   4.93
> 10.5 20.0 R   9.22 R 10.51
> 20.0 35.0 R 13.66 R 15.57
> 35.0 50.0 R 16.87 R 19.23
> 50.0 R 22.25 R 25.37

Sanitation Tariff (at 70% of water consumption)

From To Rand per kl Incl VAT
> 0.00 4.20 R   0.00 R  0.00
> 4.20 7.35 R   5.05 R  5.32
> 7.35 14.00 R 10.76 R 11.33
> 14.00 24.50 R 11.77 R 12.39
> 24.50 35.00 R 12.36 R 13.01

Other Tariff (excl Vat)

Water Sanitation
Commercial R9.93 R7.63*
Industrial R9.93 R7.63*
Schools R8.78 R7.63*
Flats / Cluster R9.33*** R10.45**


*** Water: Includes bulk metered flats, cluster developments (single and sectional title). A 6kl allowance per unit per month upon submission of an affidavit stating the number of units.
** Sanitation – domestic cluster: Tariff at 90% of water consumption. A 4.20kl allowance per unit per month upon submission of an affidavit stating the number of units.
* Sanitation – industrial, commercial and schools: Tariff at 95% of water consumption.

2 comments to Cape Town water and sanitation tariff 2011 to 2012

  • Jon

    Hi Lynnette, you will need to approach the City of Cape Town directly on 0860 103 089 or email watertoc@capetown.gov.za
    Regards, Jon

  • Good day – I am living in a partially completed residential development. Phase two will be completed by next mid-2013. While we have our own water meters, the few residents in Phase 1 are being charged industrial tariffs for water usage. Granted we are not paying for sewerage yet … but my water bill works out to R9.00 per day. I have not received the unit readings as yet. What is the policy on the water tariffs to residents in such an instance? We were not informed of this practice prior to signing up, putting in an offer to purchse up to the day when we receive our Levy Statement – this nasty surprise account.

    Plesae advise re the correct practice.

    Thanking you

    (27 November 2012)

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