Water threatens to undermine Simons Town

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 20 June 2011

We have been living in Simon’s Town for almost 20 years. When we moved in, the mountain was full of gum trees and all was well.

Simons Town is suffering from water damage

Then we had fires and the gums were cut down and poisoned, and no planting was done to replace them.

Simon’s Town has become a dangerous place to live. Most residents have spent thousands, some millions, if lucky with the help of insurance, to prevent our homes being undermined by water.

It runs from springs continuously and uncontained to the sea.

It is well-documented that, during the British presence in Simon’s Town, the gums were deliberately planted. They were supposed to be trimmed and fire breaks maintained.

Well, they were not maintained and we had two very serious fires, and down the trees came.

The British also had a pump station on the mountain and that water supplied the town. Some residents have tapped into that and receive free water, but for the rest it runs away.

Dr Dennis Toens did a survey about 30 years ago. He said Simon’s Town had enough water for its own needs and the Glen Cairn catchment could supply the whole of the south with water.

Engineers doing ongoing work in Simon’s Town, can give you up-to-date information on the water damage being done to the town. I have many photos of water damage to houses and can give you many personal stories.

Unfortunately, business and property values are at stake. Many houses are for sale and it is not helping to keep the matter unreported.

Apart from water damage, the loss of gums has caused owls, bees and other creatures to disappear, and I am sure it is part of the baboon problem.

People in Simon’s Town do not see the need to conserve water when it runs summer and winter.

By: Jo Saggerson
Source: Times Live

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