From toilet to tap

It has been informed that Bill Gates would be funding a machine which would be used for converting the waste water of toilet into drinking water. Sarah Haigh from the Manchester University said that the invention would actually help in making the water safer for drinking.

It is believed that the invention would prove successful especially in the Third World. The researchers noted that the water thus procured from the waste water would be used to provide drinking water in the regions where clean water is not available.

Sarah Haigh was reported as saying, “There has been a lot of research into biofuels. There is a lot of energy already present in human waste. Nano-scale materials mean that you can harvest the hydrogen and turn it into hydrozene – which is basically rocket fuel”.

The sewerage water would not only be recycled into drinking water but would also be used for the creation of fuel. Although the revelation has win applause from all over the world, soon critics would be throwing comments upon the whole idea of transferring waste water into drinking water.

However, the researchers working over the machine are least bothered about the critics. It has been informed that the residents of Virginia have been using recycled water since 70s. Besides, Singapore has also invested huge money over the water purification facilities.

It has come to light that one in eight people all over the world doesn’t have the supply of clean water. There is a need to make clean water available to all. The researchers are hopeful that the invention of the machine would ensure adequate supply of drinking water to the regions where clean water is not available.

By: Makomborero Midzi
Source: Newspoint

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