Save water – even during the rainy season

Although saving water is not top of mind during the heavy rainfall of recent weeks, Cape Town is going to need every drop during summer as its six water supply dam levels are lower than compared to this time last year.

A water conservation ethos needs to become a way of life.

The 2012 winter rainfall might not be sufficient to fill all dams to capacity, and the City’s Water and Sanitation Department urges all residents to use water as sparingly as possible.

Residents are requested to apply the following water saving practices during this rainy season:
• Switch automatic irrigation systems to manual, and only use when necessary.
• Do not water your garden unless there is a particularly dry spell.
• When it is necessary to irrigate, only do so before 10:00 or after 16:00 – as stipulated in the Water By-law.
• If possible, channel rainwater from gutters to top-up your swimming pool.
• Install a rainwater harvesting tank or other capturing vessel and use this water for irrigation – this will save you using potable water and save you money.
A water conservation ethos and saving water needs to become a way of life. When waiting for hot tap water save the cold water for use in kettles or cooking pots, shorten showers and wait for a full load before using the washing machine or dishwasher. It is everybody’s responsibility to manage water use as best we can.

Residents are also reminded to continue to abide by the conservation measures prescribed in Schedule 1 of the City’s Water By-law.

Keep saving water – even when it’s raining.

Source: City of Cape Town

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