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Grey Water
Rainwater Harvesting systems in South Africa .

Keep Saving Water

The City of Cape Town is encouraging residents to consciously save water every day, with their new ‘Keep Saving Water’ campaign.

Garden Rhapsody. A grey water solution by Water Rhapsody.

Garden Rhapsody. A grey water solution by Water Rhapsody.

As part of this campaign the City suggests the use of Grey Water for garden irrigation as well as making use of Rainwater for not only irrigation but also for flushing toilets, laundry, topping up of pool, etc.

Water Rhapsody has been developing, supplying and installing water saving solutions for the South African consumer since 1994, with thousands of installations nationally.

Everyone needs to be aware that water is a precious resource, and how to use it sparingly.

Saving water is the right thing to do. You can save money, reduce the risk of water restrictions and make a personal contribution to our environment.

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