Cape Town on brink of water restrictions

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 01 Aug 2011

A University of Cape Town climatologist on Monday warned that the Mother City’s water situation is critical.

Using grey water for irrigation

Recent figures indicate Cape Town received about 20 millimetres of rainfall in July. That is well below the month’s average figure of 140 millimetres.

Dams are currently at about 70 percent capacity, but climatologist Peter Johnstone said if it does not rain soon, dams may run dry by summer.

Johnstone said it may become necessary to impose strict water restrictions.

“After September the rainfall gets very low and if it comes to October, November, December with very little rain, we start using a lot of water, then we find that our dams are running at 30 percent full and that is very, very risky…”

He added, “At that sort of levels we are going to have very strict water restrictions.”

Farmers are also battling.

Chief Executive Officer of Agri Wes-Cape, Carl Opperman, said they are desperate for more rain.

“The rain that we received last week was not enough, but it was basically just enough to tick us over the critical phase that was busy developing. We are looking for some more rain,” he said.

By: Rafiq Wagiet
Source: Eye witness news

Water Rhapsody – 18 years of water conservation experience for your home or business

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 03 April 2011

In the early 1990s water conservation pioneer, Jeremy Westgarth-Taylor, was dedicated to bringing water conservation to the residential home and business.

Saving water with Water Rhapsody Conservation Systems

In 1995 his efforts were rewarded with a WWF Green Trust Award for water conservation.

Today Water Rhapsody is a national concern with 25 outlets that provide professional advice on how water conservation can be introduced to your home or business.

With over 3000 installations Water Rhapsody can clearly state that they are the leaders in water conservation.

Water Rhapsody systems include:

1.       Garden Rhapsody (grey water) for garden irrigation or toilet flushing;
2.       Grand Opus – a rainwater harvesting solution for the home that augments municipal supply;
3.       Rainwater Harvesting for garden irrigation, pool top-up, washing cars, etc.;
4.       Poolside Tank to safely clarify swimming pool backwash water and return this to the pool;
5.       Multi Flush where the least amount of water is used to clear the toilet pan;
6.       Poseidon systems for recycling of mild industrial wastewater, car washing, machine washing, industrial laundry and irrigation.

To learn more about these systems click on the links above.

Seven New Year water saving resolutions for 2011

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – partnered with Water Rhapsody conservation systems – 31 December 2010

South Africa is already on the list of the 30 driest countries in the world, and 2010 has not been a good year for water in South Africa, with drought posing serious challenges in parts of the country.

Tens of thousands of migrants are pouring into Cape Town forcing authorities to rethink the city’s water supply strategy.

Climate forecasts do not bode well for the Western Cape’s water supply. The region is likely to become warmer and drier with reduced water in the rivers.

Pressure is mounting on our potable water supplies, so it’s a good time to implement some water saving measures around the home.

Here are seven great water saving resolutions for the new year:

  1. Don’t flush toilets with drinking water.
  2. Water gardens with grey water.
  3. Harvest rainwater from roofs of homes.
  4. Use harvested rainwater throughout the home (not only in the garden).
  5. Clarify swimming pool backwash and return it to the pool.
  6. Only flush the least amount of water to clear toilet pans.
  7. Wash cars with rainwater.

For a free quote to fulfil your water saving resolutions for 2011 visit our contact page.

Water Rhapsody is the leader in Grey Water and Rainwater Harvesting systems.

Go green with a Poolside Tank

Posted by: Saving Water SA (Cape Town, South Africa) – 29 December 2010

Owning a swimming pool means having to waste up to 500 litres of backwash water per week on cleaning the filtration system.

Aquarista Poolside Tank clarifies backwash water for safe returning to the pool.

Not any more! Aquarista offers an affordable solution that clarifies backwash water and returns the water safely to the pool.

Backwash water from the pool contains toxic chemicals that are environmentally most unfriendly. This water is either wasted to storm water, ending up in rivers and estuaries, or is wasted to the sewer placing unnecessary pressure on waste-water treatment plants, which are already over-burdened leading to the overflow of excess sewer water also to rivers and estuaries.

In both scenarios the backwash water causes ecological damage, and because this water must be replenished in the pool, is a waste of drinking water.

By installing a Poolside Tank backwash water is sent to a holding tank where it is treated through the introduction of a very small amount (one to two capfuls) of flocculent.

In a few hours the dirty backwash water is clarified, and completely safe to return to the pool. Now you can backwash as often as you like and not waste drinking water.

Water Rhapsody

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Poolside Tank
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Multi Flush
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