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Water Tanks

At Aquarista we both supply and install water tanks and rainwater harvesting systems

Rainwater tanks are installed to make use of rain water for later use, reducing one’s reliance on mains water both for economic and environmental reasons.

Stored rain water may be used for watering gardens, agriculture, flushing toilets, laundry and dishwashing, washing cars, and also for drinking, especially when other water supplies are unavailable, expensive, or of poor quality.  Adequate care must be taken to ensure that the water is not contaminated and the water is adequately filtered.

Water tanks may be constructed from materials such as plastic (polyethylene), concrete, plastered brickwork, galvanized steel, as well as fibreglass and stainless steel which are rust and chemical-resistant. By far the most popular and cost effective rainwater tanks are polyethylene tanks. It is imperative that tanks are opaque to prevent the exposure of stored water to sunlight to eliminate the possibility of algal growth.

A typical metal roof will deliver 1000 litres of water from 100 square metres of roof for every 11 mm of rain. To get the same volume of water from a tiled roof one would need 16 mm of rain.

Aquarista has a novel approach of a seamless change over to municipal supply in the event that all rain water should be exhausted. This is coupled with an emergency supply should the municipality implement water outages or when there is a burst municipal pipe.

Our Aquarista ensures at least a days supply of water at all times should the municipality water be unavailable. The system is also fool proof to ensure that it is impossible for your precious stored rainwater to flow out into the municipal system.

Electricity outages are something that pervades our age. We include, in our Aquarista, a manifold so that if the user has no electrical power water will still be available from the municipal source. By simply switching a single “cross-over prevention valve” in our manifold, one may revert to dedicated municipal water.

Water tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions – ranging from 100 litres through to 20000 litres.
The most common being the 2000 and 5000 litre tanks.

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